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The Wizard's Hat is A NEW AGE store and Metaphysical shop! We are your source for quality Healing Crystals, Jewelry, Incense, Herbs, Metaphysical Supplies & more! 

We specialize in Healing Energy; Chakra Crystals and related items! Our Incense is hand dipped, and made in Pennsylvania USA, and according to our customers.. the best around! We are Lancaster PA's largest metaphysical supplier since 2004. 


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Quick Links to some of our popular categories from Alchemy of England, crystals, jewelry to books and incense!

  3%22%20Bastet  Poe's%20Raven%20T-Shirt  Witches%20Brew   Candles     Sage%20Smudges%20hand%20wrapped  Flower%20mortar%20%26%20pestle%20set    Fragrance%20and%20burnign%20oils         Malachite%20pendulum  25-30mm%20Orgone%20Amethyst%20pyramid      1%22%20assorted%20Two%20Tone%20bracelet  Celtic%20Oval%20Garnet%20necklace%20sterling  1.25%22%20Lotus%20labradorite%20earrings   Viennese%20Nights%20Necklace 


Inside our shop you will find a world full of magic, many unique and beautiful items to create your own Altar or Sacred Space, including Altar tables, Cloths, Tarot cards, Runes, Athames, Wands and Candles; Delicious and fragrant Incense and Oils to indulge your senses; Natural Gemstone Crystals to uplift and absorb their healing energy including Chakra kits and Chakra Jewelry, Crystal Points, Crystal Pendants, Crystal Necklaces and Crystal Earrings, and Crystal Pendulums; Printed Books on everything Pagan and Metaphysical, Spellbooks, Book of Shadows and Grimoires along with Parchments and Spells; Sage, Smudges and Herbs; Period Clothing and Cosplay, T-Shirts, Purses and Accessories; Pewter Statues, Home Decor, Unique Gifts, Pirate Flags, Fountains, Oil Burners, Wizards, Fairies, Dragons and More!