Incense, Oils & Sage

Incense, Oils & Sage

Looking for a new or special scent? Check out our fragrances, oils, smudges and incense flavors!

Try some of our AMAZING hand soaked incense! We soak our incense in the best and delicious scents and oils in the USA! Our incense burns clean and are very fragrant, some are soaked in oils, others are soaked and then rolled in incense powder to increase the flavor. 

Our selection of oils contains everything from Essential oils, essence oil blends, and Pure Anointing oils, providing you with all that you might need to work your ritual crafts or simply create a pleasantly scented atmosphere within your home or ritual space. Here you will also find a variety of oil rings and oil diffusers to help you fully experience your favorite fragrance.

Our line of oils are the same oils used in our incense and soaps!

Our smudges are shipped to us from California, and are the freshest quality. We also carry some local grown herbs, native to the North-East, these will be identified as "North Eastern USA" sage, smudges and herbs. After all, "Native Americans" were living all across the USA, not just in the western states. 

We carry AzureGreen Oils, herbs and teas! These are fresh and delicious!

We also carry items from Auric Blends; Wildberry; Gonesh; Assorted Essential Oils; Hem; Nautica and more!