Oils and Scents by The Wizards Hat

Oils & Scents by The Wizards Hat!

If you love our Incense and soap flavors and want the same oils in a perfume roll-on, to burn in a burner or as anointing for candles and sacred items, then this is whey to buy!

Some of our proprietary blends that are TWH exclusive, essential oils, and even our soap and some of our incense flavors can be purchased to enjoy the scent even longer. 

Some of our Proprietary oil blends: Fire Goddess; Sandalwood Vanilla; Night of the Wolf (NOTW); Night of the Goddess (NOTG); Patchouli at Night; Goddess; and more! Not to mention some of our regular scents we use like: Lavender; Musk; Vanilla; Patchouli; Sandalwood......
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