1 Tumbled Grey Cats Eye

1 Tumbled Grey Cats Eye
The intensity of Cat's Eye can vary from strong to weak. The clarity and intensity of the cat's eye band will play an important role in the value of a Cat's Eye gemstone. A bright and straight light effect is the most desired, and when strong and perfect it will be highly valued. In some forms of Chrysoberyl, the cat's eye effect is weak, appearing only as a billowy, floating light reflection as opposed to a bright, concentrated band of light. Such Chrysoberyl is known as Cymophane, and the effect is called cymophane effect. USES Cat's Eye is polished into cabochons, and is used most often in rings and pendants. FALSE NAMES All non-Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye gemstones are associated together with their gemstone name. However, some unscrupulous dealers may label less expensive forms of Cat's Eye simply as Cat's Eye without specifying the gemstone type, and one should always be aware of this. CAT'S EYE TREATMENTS AND ENHANCEMENTS Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye is not treated or enhanced. CAT'S EYE SOURCES Cat's Eye sources are in Brazil, India, China, and Zimbabwe. SIMILAR GEMSTONES Other Cat's Eye gemstones include Cat's Eye Tourmaline, Cat's Eye Quartz, Cat's Eye Aquamarine, Cat's Eye Moonstone, Cat's Eye Apatite, and Cat's Eye Scapolite. Of all these other Cat's Eye Gemstones, Chrysoberyl has the greatest hardness.
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