1 X-large polished tumbled Sardonyx

1 X-large polished tumbled Sardonyx
Sardonyx is a variety of Chalcedony, and is an Onyx. Sardonyx is a stone of strength and protection. Use it to enhance willpower, integrity, stamina and vigor. It is believed to bring lasting happiness and stability to marriage and partnerships. It attracts friends and good fortune. Some people use sardonyx as a protection grid - placing it at each corner of the house, at doors and windows to prevent crime and misfortune Used for: Luck, Friendship, Happiness, Good fortune, Romance, Marriage, Stamina, Vigor, Energy, Creativity Chakras - Base Chakra Birthstone - August Zodiac - Aries, Leo Legend says that one day while Venus was sleeping Cupid cut her fingernails and left the clippings scattered on the ground. Because no part of a heavenly body can die, the gods turned them into a gem, which later became known as onyx. Legends and lore Related to its mythological origin, onyx is believed by some to encourage the growth of fingernails, hair and skin. In Greek times, almost all colors of chalcedony quartz from fingernail white to dark brown and black were called onyx. Later, the Romans narrowed the term to refer to black and dark brown colors only. Today when we think of onyx we often preface the word with ?black? to distinguish it from other varieties of onyx that come in white, reddish brown, green, brown and banded colors. Onyx which is reddish brown and white is known as sardonyx. With its consecutive layers of different colors, the ancient Romans believed onyx to be an excellent cameo (a gem carved in positive relief) gemstone. Sardonyx was highly valued in Rome, especially for seals, because it was said never to stick to the wax. Roman General Publius Cornelius Scipio was known for wearing lots of sardonyx. Onyx is often associated with instincts and intuition. It is believed to give one the power to deeply analyze a situation before reacting to it, as well as better business acumen and management skills. Crystal healers also believe that it restores confidence in life and love, thereby increasing your happiness. Metaphysical & healing: Sardonyx is a stone of protection and strength. It promotes virtuous conduct and integrity. Sardonyx attracts friends and good fortune. It brings lasting happiness and stability to partnerships. Supplements willpower and strengthens character. Sardonyx increases stamina, vigor and self-control. It alleviates depression and overcomes hesitancy. Improves perception. Sardonyx heals lungs and bones, regulates fluids and cell metabolism, strengthens the immune system. In addition to the generic healing properties of Sardonyx, specific colors have additional attributes: Black Sardonyx - absorbs negativity. Brown Sardonyx - grounds energy. Clear Sardonyx - purifies. Red Sardonyx - stimulates. Image is a stock photo of stones, you may or may not receive 1 of the stones in the image. For sample only. 1 X-large polished tumbled Sardonyx in a pouch. Average weight- flat stones are Approx .5oz, round or others are approx .75oz
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