Add Steel Wire Wrapping & 16" .925 SS chain to any stone..

Add Steel Wire Wrapping & 16" .925 SS chain to any stone..
Purchase Ruby separately, this is to have your stone crafted into a necklace. Require 3-5 days depending on amount of jewelry work in house. Purchase 1 for each necklace desired and add ruby by ct weight to your order. Comes in a gift box. Hand crafted by me or one of the designers for The Wizards Hat, a beautiful Raw UNCUT, UNTUMBLED, UNTREATED Genuine Madagascar Ruby, wire wrapped on a 16"Sterling Silver chain. Madagascar Ruby necklace Hand wire wrapped - I created a "cage" out of 20gage Jewelry grade Silver over copper wire and insert the stone into the cage in a unique way that I finish off in a wire wrapping technique. Your stone/necklace has been placed for 24hours in our case FULL of various crystals and raw gems to help charge the necklace. You will receive a fully charged necklace, in which you may then choose to use as charged or to clean and purify if desired Due to the uniqueness of each stone, each one will be a One of a kind made just for you. Ruby is a quite magical stone. Purchase Ruby separately, this is to have your stone crafted into a necklace. Ruby (listed separately) Sold per carat or .02grams... minimum of 5 carats or 1g Madagascar Rubies are here, and are UNCUT, UNTUMBLED, UNTREATED, UNPOLISHED..... and are priced to go.... at $.50 a ct or $.50 for every .02g... The Ruby zodiac, myth & legend For a long time India was considered as the classical source of rubies. In the Sanskrit language ruby is called "ratnaraj", which translates as "King of Gemstones". In ancient times one of the chief attractions of ruby has been its protection from misfortune and bad health. Ruby is the birthstone for those who are born in July. On the Zodiac chart, ruby is the stone for Capricorn. Ruby is also used to celebrate a couple's 15th and 40th anniversary. In Antiquity, as well as in the Middle Ages people believed that the cosmos is reflected in gemstones. The ruby is assigned to the planets Mars and Pluto. The esoteric movement revived the ancient belief and the gem industry made it another marketing tool to promote certain gems. The healing powers of gems remain a controversial issue, but are mentioned for centuries by healers, shamans and medicine men. Whether it's a fact or a placebo effect doesn't matter, if it helps. The safest approach is to wear the gemstone in skin contact to the troubled part of the body. Ruby is said to be a general health protection and a help for backache and toenail problems. For multiple or specific stones include in message or email otherwise we will fill the order randomly. If you order 10ct we will find you a 10ct stone, if you order 100 cts, we will look for our biggest stones and add additional stones as needed to fill the weight. Quantity order reflects ct weight... want 10cts - order 10 for $5 want 2 at 20cts each.... order 20 and then order 20 more, if combined in shopping cart simply email us or add note at checkout indicating 2 stones.
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