Moon Goddess Chakra on 30" Leather necklace

Moon Goddess Chakra on 30" Leather necklace
Pewter Moon Goddess with 7 chakra stones wire wrapped and hanging from the moon. Chakra stones will vary but WILL include one stone specific for each chakra 1-7. USA lead free pewter is 1" to 1 1/2" Long. On a 3mm leather necklace 30 "long with slip knots for adjustments can be warn as a choker to a 30"necklace. Made exclusively by The Wizards Hat - Myth Medieval & Celtic LLC in Manheim PA. Comes with a description card for each stone, along with care, cleaning and charging instructions. Comes in a gift box. Includes a free small quartz crystal point.
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  • Model: MMC chakra Moon goddess 30in
  • Manufacturer: The Wizard's Hat

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