4 inches - SageBrush Smudge

4 inches - SageBrush Smudge
SageBrush Smudge, 4 inches.Burn on a smudge pot or in a clay pot or cauldron. A lingering fresh scent. Cleansing & Protection. Artemisia tridentata, or tripartita, or many other species that are woody shrubs are called Sagebrush. A Very good smudge. Effective antibacterial for airborne bacteria. Great for cleaning out smells, wonderful for purification and stale spirit energies, in the more traditional sense, antibacterial in the scientific scents. SageBrush can be used in ritual ceremonies, house cleansing or simply for the pleasure of its fragrance or Aroma. Hand tied. Product of USA
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  • Model: 4 inches SageBrush Smudge
  • Manufacturer: The Wizard's Hat