Complete Smudging Kit #1

Complete Smudging Kit #1
Smudging Kit Complete Smudging kit includes: 1x 3” to 4” Sage smudge 1 Turkey Feather 1 White chime candle 1 Black chime candle 1 Clay Smudging pot 1x 7-8oz bag of sand 1 Spiral metal incense holder 1 Rose Quartz crystal 1 Amethyst crystal 1 Smudging Prayer on Parchment 5 Hand dipped Frankincense incense sticks Made By TWH 5 Hand dipped Jasmine incense sticks Made By TWH 10 Hand dipped Dragons Blood incense sticks Made By TWH Instructions for Self cleaning Instructions for Space cleaning Instructions for Crystals Instructions / descriptions Exclusive Kit, designed and created by: Myth Medieval & Celtic LLC & The Wizards Hat ™ 2006-2019 No part of this kit can be copied, shared, or resold for profit. By using you are acknowledging that The Wizards Hat, it’s partners, and it’s parent company – Myth Medieval & Celtic LLC are not liable or responsible for ANY such risk associated with use, including but not limited to allergies, fires, choking or even death by proper or improper use. Not intended for children under 18. Keep away from children and animals. There is no guarantee on any item, except that the crystals are natural and not synthetic. The herbs and candles are made/grown in USA. The Incense are produced partially by The Wizards Hat, by USA products. For entertainment purposes only, we do not guarantee any thing from use, this is a spiritual item and is created with its full purpose and intent for use and results. Burn on a smudge pot or in a clay pot or cauldron. Product of USA
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  • Model: Complete Smudging Kit #1
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